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1. Ararica-Sapiranga, RS
2. Bom Jardim, RS
3. Campo bom, RS
4. Candelária, RS
5. Caxias do Sul, RS
6. Cemitério Católico de General Câmara, RS
7. Dois Irmãos, RS (1)
8. Estância Velha, RS
   9. General Câmara, RS
10. Hamburgo Velho, RS
11. Itacolominia, RS
12. Ivoti, RS
13. Montenegro, RS
14. Mundo Novo, RS
15. Pelotas, RS
16. Santa Cruz do Sul, RS
   17. São Borja, RS
18. São Leopoldo, Rs
19. São Lourenço, RS
20. São Sebastião do Caí, RS
21. Seberi, RS
22. Taquara, RS
23. Taquari, RS

A number in parentheses after the place name indicates how many other places are contained in the place in question. A + sign indicates that there is a record for the place itself in the database.

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