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There are several alternatives to access individual data.

From an individual page, you may navigate to his relatives by clicking on their names. You may also navigate to pages with details about a place, by clicking on the place name.

To search the content of the site, there is a menu on the top of each page, placed at the right. Notice that the way the menu is depicted depends on the device you are using to access the site. If you are using a PC the menu entries are presented in textual form with titles like "Find" and "Media". If you are using a device with a smaller screen like a smartphone or a tablet, icons are used instead.

The "Find" menu contains several options for searching for individuals (surname, name and advanced search), families and places. Using the "Media" menu you may search for photos, documents, histories and maps.

If you know the name of a place or a person but not the exact spelling, you may perform a similarity search, by using the search form at the top of each page (just on larger screens) or by using the "Find>Word search"menu option.


Data for living people is not published for privacy reasons. If you have reasons to access to the data of living people (e.g., you are related to the family), please register for an user account. Data for dead people is always fully displayed, so you will not need an user account to see it.


The content of this site is being published in English, Portuguese and German. Please use the menu that appears on the upper right side of the pages to select the language you will use.

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